A Home Teardown: Is it The Right choice For You?

The idea of tearing down your existing home can be overwhelming. Likely, there are countless memories there and you have probably built a life you love in that home and neighborhood. If you find yourself in a position where you need to move to build a home that fits your needs but you don’t want to say goodbye to the area, then you will want to consider a home teardown.

Oftentimes, older homes can deteriorate until their real value is the land they sit on. If the current home has issues with the structure itself or is outdated and in need of major repairs and remodeling, then a teardown can be a viable option. You can then build a new home in its place that is exactly what you and your family need.

How Complicated is a Teardown?

A teardown is a process that will require a knowledgeable and experienced group of contractors. You will need to understand zoning and permits and, if applicable, historic preservation requirements. Your first step will be to decide if you will demo the entire home or build on the existing foundation. When it is time to hire a civil construction boston ma team, make sure you do your homework. The demo will have to be well planned and contained so it does not cause damage to neighboring properties.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Only you know the answer to this question. If this lot and neighborhood are where you plan to stay for many years, then rebuilding a new home makes sense. You keep what you love about the home and get a fresh start on the areas that are outdated. You should also consider what it would cost to stay with the existing home.

Older homes are usually not energy efficient and that can cost a lot in the long term. When you rebuild, you can add savings by building a green home instead. Repairs are also something that are inevitable with an older home. The plumbing and electrical are likely old and outdated and will need to be replaced eventually. Even after comparing the numbers, the final choice will be largely emotional and personal.

If you choose to move forward with the teardown, it can be an exciting time. The key to a successful teardown and rebuild is enlisting the right team for the job. Do yourself a favor and hire contractors who have performed this type of scenario numerous times.