DIY Home Maintenance Spring Checklist

Every year, at about this time, the television is swamped with adverts from home improvement retailers and brands selling and promoting all sorts of offers to encourage us to start spending our hard earned cash in their stores. There’s a real reason for this sudden upturn in home improvement awareness, the simple fact of the matter is, as home owners we’re more likely to undertake a DIY, home improvement or building project during a spring month than any other month in the year. I’m not sure whether it’s because we’ve been locked inside our houses for the last 4 months with limited daylight but it happens every year.
So if you’re a home owner what should be the things to do this week? Here’s a short list of essential home maintenance tasks you should consider this week to get your house ready for summer.
Window Check
Windows can suffer in cold temperatures especially wooden ones. It’s worth spending a few minutes checking the frames and mullions to signs of wear. If you see any holes or cracks it’s best to fill them now or the problem could get worse. Just clean out any hole with a chisel, then smooth out the area with sand paper before applying a wood filler. Once the filler is dry go over with sand paper, before applying a good quality exterior undercoat. When you consider the price of replacement window this could be a worthwhile exercise.
Gutter Check
Most gutters take a pounding during winter months, brackets become loose and cracks can appear. Check for any signs of wear. If you see any, you’ll need to replace any sections, down-pipe or brackets with new. This is an easy process but not for those who don’t like heights. Think safety first always get some help if you’re going up a ladder, having someone to secure the ladder at the bottom will give you the security you need. It’s also a good idea to keep both hands free so wear a tool belt.
Patio/ decking check
Another area that suffers from the cold weather is your patio and decked areas. If they’re in shade or partial shaded areas they may attract moss or lichen which can make your patio or decked areas slippery when wet. So it’s a good idea to remove any with a good quality pressure washer. This may affect any stain or treatment you have on your decked areas so be prepared to re treat after washing.