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Company’s Coming And I Need Help!

Having company is often a challenge. Overnight isn’t too long for a visit, but days, weeks or months at a time can become a nightmare. If you work outside of the home, all you want to do is come home, kick your shoes off, and collapse. If you do not have a workplace it can really get tense being with visitors 24/7. Following are a few tips to help lighten your load:
If you do not have a guestroom, but enjoy entertaining overnight guests buy a Sofa Bed or Futon. You can rent Fold-Away Beds if this is a onetime thing. Inflatable mattresses are also an option, and can be deflated each morning. If you want to discourage longer visits then don’t make the accommodations too luxurious.
If the room your guests are in has no doors you may purchase a tension pole to fit the doorway and hang a shower curtain or sheet from it for privacy. If the room they are in has no doorway small enough for the tension pole you may consider some privacy screens. They are available as photo screens or in several designs so it should be possible to find some that match your d?�cor. This can be removed during the day. I use two privacy screens folded up to flank a patio door when they are not in use.
If your guests need closet space, you may purchase a rolling clothes rack that can be disassembled and stored or an over-the-door hanger for their clothing. I keep a set of stacking plastic bins in my basement that can be used for temporary storage situations like this. Stacked inside each other they store in very little space. Stretch your imagination and you’ll come up with possibilities all your own!
If you know in advance that they will be coming and you will be working during their visit, cook prior to their arrival and freeze a number of meals. This saves time and stress. Leave a list of what you made and your guests can decide what to prepare for dinner! Even easier yet, several businesses offer prepared meals either ready to bake or ready to serve. If you need errands run, ask your guests if they would please do that. If they want your company in the evening they need to help out. If they are long-term guests, show them where the cleaning supplies are also!
Point out where the linens, toilet paper and soap are stored and if you have to share a bathroom give your guests small covered plastic bins to put their bathroom items into. This makes it convenient to carry their toiletries back and forth instead of cluttering up the bathroom.
Decide what day you want to do your laundry and what day your guests would like to do theirs. Maybe they’ll offer to do yours! This discussion alone may remind them of other tasks that they can take turns with like dishes or trash removal.
Before your guests arrive you may want to create a home maintenance guide. In it write down how much soap your dishwasher/washing machine needs; directions for using your electronics; directions to nearby grocery store(s); menus to nearby restaurants; the nearest park or playground; brochures to attractions in the area. Even if you don’t work, this can save you lots of time. Don’t forget telephone numbers for the doctor, dentist, babysitter, police, fire, etc.
The more prepared you are, the better impression you will make, the more comfortable your guests will be and the more fun you can have with your company!…