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Oak Flooring: A Classic and Elite Choice

There are many good reasons that oak flooring has been a top-rated choice for centuries. The addition of this elegant natural wood gives a home warmth and classic charm that few other types of flooring can match. It complements practically any type of decor; it suggests refinement and quality and lives up to its promises. A variety of looks are available when selecting oak flooring. You may choose a classic red oak with its golden, reddish hue or white oak with its fine, tight grain. Each piece has its own unique natural character which features attractive knots and growth rings. Oak can easily be stained, so you not only have the best quality flooring but also the option of customizing it to match any change in decor.
The natural beauty and variety of the wood is only one factor worth considering. Oak flooring is one of the strongest, most durable wood floors available. Its resistance to damage and ability to withstand wear and tear is time-proven. The very hard and resilient surface can outperform its peers even in heavy traffic areas. If you are considering wood flooring for a kitchen or bathroom where wood is more likely to be exposed to moisture, oak is the preferred choice because of its resilience. Because of its endurance, it does not have to be replaced as often, and you will not have to stain or treat it as often as you would with weaker woods. White oak is resistant not only to natural deterioration, but also to damage from insects and fungus which can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.
Routine cleaning of oak floors is not complicated and requires little time. Simply dust mop, vacuum or sweep weekly, and wipe up liquid spills immediately. A wood floor cleaner can usually take care of any stains or resistant dirt.
If you are committed to greener living, you’ll be happy to know that oak is a great Eco-friendly choice that is completely renewable. It will also help to insulate your home. This means lower heating bills and less energy expended. In fact, oak flooring is known for being comfortably warm underfoot. Wood flooring is a recommended choice for those who suffer with respiratory conditions like asthma and dust allergies. If you sell your home in the future, oak flooring can increase its value and help to spark more buyer interest. The purchase of this quality floor is a profitable investment in your home.
Types of oak flooring include solid and veneer over other types of wood, which may be a practical choice for areas where moisture levels vary. Oak can be purchased as treated or untreated wood. With so many options, there is a perfect flooring choice for everyone from the novice who employs professional installation to the do-it-yourself builder who wants to customise every step. Whichever method or type of oak you choose, it will grace your home with resplendent beauty and offer its trustworthy service for many years.…