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Bathroom Light Fixtures

The bathroom is generally not thought of as the focal point of a house or apartment. However, the bathroom can be every bit as appealing as any other aesthetically pleasing room in the house. A large portion of the feel of the bathroom is the condition of the shower and sink, as well as the decor. Clean paint or wallpaper goes a long way; details such as door knobs, faucets, and lights give the finishing touches.
Bathroom light fixtures do not need to be expensive to be attractive. There are many styles available that accommodate wide ranges of budgets. Silver-tone and brass-tone are popular as they compliment most every bathroom. The number of globes and fancy etchings make a difference in the price. It is entirely possible, however, to find quality fixtures on sale.
Economics does play a role in the choices people make on household repairs and upgrades. Many people have found beautiful bathroom light fixtures at second-hand stores, garage sales, flea markets, and liquidation stores. There is no shame in acquiring a light this way. Many of these lights do not come with instructions when they are bought at such places. Having knowledge of electrical wiring and light replacement ahead of time is essential in such cases.
Bathroom light fixtures can and do make a difference in the overall appearance of a bathroom. An antiquated light in an older home, for example, can be updated to a modern style giving the bathroom an instant lift. The reverse is also true. Antique lovers can replace a contemporary light with a style reminiscent of yester-year.…

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Thinking Outside The Box With Duravit Plumbing Fixtures

Designer plumbing fixtures are hardly new on the scene. Plumbing fixtures that designers use are a totally different beast. Duravit fixtures are being utilized throughout the world in the top spas, hotels, public buildings, and ultra-modern residences. The company boasts of a “tradition of innovation.” Since the company has been around almost 200 years, they’ve earned their longevity, but what about innovation?
When a manufacturer transforms designer plumbing from its humble indoor uses to the outdoors, they are certainly thinking outside the box. Duravit doesn’t believe that spa living should be confined to the inside. Their Blue Moon and Sundeck line of pools and tubs install wherever there is a hot water connection. Suddenly, you’re not just going for a dip in the hot tub, but a luxurious excursion to a garden spa, all without having to leave home. The only limitations of such fixtures are your own or your designer’s imagination. Such innovation alters the concept of the bathroom from the mundane to the magnificent.
Duravit also has changed the idea that bathroom fixtures, accessories, and furniture are separate entities. Anyone who has gone through the bathroom remodeling process knows that plumbing fixtures are chosen from one retailer; then the cabinets–bought from another source–must be matched to the style of the fixtures; and finally the customer either goes back to the original retailer to pick out the accessories, or perhaps, by that time, the whole enterprise seems just too complicated, and the homeowner settles for just about any old product that “kinda matches.”At Duravit, the plumbing is the furniture, and there are accessories to match. Instead of making remodeling or new construction more difficult, the company simplifies the procedure.
Designing a bathroom with Duravit products changes the idea that your own bathroom has to suffer in comparison to the bathrooms at a top hotel. Want a steam shower? They’re available. Want a tub for two? No problem. How about a whirlpool style bath; real wood bathroom furniture; over-sized basins; ultra-modern toilets; or even a kitchen sink? Duravit has them. There’s no need to settle for second best. A company doesn’t last two hundred years by making a product that fails to satisfy its client?�le in both design and function.
So, if you are considering remodeling a bathroom, building a custom home, or a commercial building, and you want a product that not only operates seamlessly, but is beautiful, think Duravit. Their fixtures are being used today in hotels and public buildings throughout Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia. Whether it’s a new concert hall in Iceland, or a hotel in India, designers know a quality product that stands out. The possibilities are unlimited. Don’t worry about thinking outside the box or outside the home, Duravit is on board.…