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Maintenance of a Home

Many homeowners understand that regular home maintenance is necessary for the appearance of a home, as well as serving to catch minor problems before they become major expenditures. However, what homeowners may not realize is that regular home maintenance also serves to help maintain the value of the home itself. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, a home’s value can decrease as much as 10 percent when not properly maintained, which is reason enough to focus on curb appeal.
For people fortunate enough to be financially secure, home maintenance only means a call to a gardener, handyman, painter, etc., in order to repair a problem or improve on something that has become less-than-attractive to the homeowner. For the other homeowners, regular home maintenance can mean many hours every weekend, which is one reason some people choose to throw their hands up and say forget it. Individually, each task on a homeowners to-do list isn’t really that daunting; however, when taken as a whole, can be very overwhelming for both men and women – whether they are handy or not around the house and yard.
One way to avoid a sense of a-task-too-big-to-ever-get-finished is to make a list of the things that need to be done, and then prioritize the list. For example, if fines can be incurred for overgrown grass or an abundance of visible trash, be sure to put items like these at the top of the list, above less-visible tasks such as interior painting. Also, another way to ease the burden is to assign a task to each family member, so they all feel as if they’re a part of the overall beautification process of their home as well. By having teens rake leaves while smaller children gather them not only helps with chores needing to be done, but also promotes sibling bonding by having them work together.
Perhaps the best way to maintain your home’s appearance and value is to be proactive with regular maintenance. By separating maintenance chores by what is required from each season, homeowner’s will find that their to-do list becomes smaller every few months, instead of huge once a year. The benefits of staying on top of small projects can be seen by homeowners in not only comments from neighbors, but also in the bottom line of less home expenses, which may have you taking a second look at the lawn mower.…

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Home Maintenance As a Consideration in Homeownership Cost

When looking for a home to buy, one of the main questions is “What can I afford?” This is different than the question of “What size of loan do I qualify for?” Let’s say that after reviewing your finances you find that you can afford to spend $1200 a month on housing. It is not just the loan payment that is important to consider, but also the property tax, insurance, maintenance, and home improvements.
Maintenance: Some of the items that you need to be aware of will include the HVAC system and all of the associated parts including the inside and outside components. This would also include the cooling in the summer and then the switchover of the system to heating in the winter. Other items would include the plumbing and all of the pipes, those that you can see and those that are hidden within the walls. Many buyers also discount the amount for painting the property, especially any exterior surfaces in year 2 and beyond of ownership.
Improvements: Such as additions of improvements based upon your specific wants and needs. Items in the house do wear out of just go out of style and it will be your responsibility as a home owner to replace items like the appliances or even the roof.
What home maintenance duties do homeowners most often ignore?
Homeowners don’t clean drain traps. They don’t clean out the lint from the dryer vent. That is the No. 1 cause of house fires. They do seem to always change their air filters – but they don’t vacuum out the duct system when they do. They also don’t clean refrigerator coils. That’s where everything in the house collects.
What is the most important thing homeowners should do with their homes?
Homeowners should continually check for water intrusion around windows and doors. Look for hairline cracks. If the exterior is stucco, look for hairline cracks and repair them because they could get worse and that could result in major repairs. Stop water from coming into the house. Caulk around doors, windows and in wet areas like showers and tubs. People tend to neglect that and it causes major problems when water gets behind walls.
What do you look for in new homes as opposed to old homes?
We look for the same things. People think that if they have a new home, they don’t need maintenance, but a new home is settling. It will have more cracking in stucco and exterior finishing. An older home has pretty much settled.
A rule of thumb for the annual cost of maintenance and improvements is 1% of the purchase price.
This is a brief look at home maintenance issues and what homeowners should consider when making a home purchase. If you fail to plan for these expenses, you may just find that you can’t afford the home after all.…

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Essentials to Know About Home Maintenance and Its Cost

Aside from being one of life’s essentials, your home can be an investment of a lifetime. Though this structure can bring everyday life of the family the needed protection and comfort that even extends to other great benefits such as entertainment, relaxation and even luxury; many still overlook the importance of home maintenance. Keep in mind that homeownership does not end at purchasing a New York house but extends to caring for and managing the property to enjoy maximized beauty, functionality, coziness, as well as great return by resale time. So whether you are in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Manhattan know and implement the fundamentals of home maintenance and its cost and reap the rewards.

There can never be two houses that are entirely the same-considering not only construction and design but also the requirements and preferences of different homeowners and families. Thus, there are various ways to go about home repair and maintenance and there would always be a difference in costs from one house to another.

Home Maintenance… Why?

Though the answer is obvious, many still do not understand the full extent of the risks that they are exposing their homes and families to by not sticking religiously to home maintenance. Other than helping the fast deterioration of the house and its components, thus decreasing the possible life that your house will last and its livability, not keeping homes in good working condition also poses emergency repairs that are often costly and huge, as well as health and safety hazards to the household.

Home Maintenance Checklist

To keep your homes in good working condition all throughout the year, here is list of crucial areas that should become a part of your bi-annual property evaluation and home maintenance:

Roofing and gutters


Chimneys and fireplaces

HVAC systems – Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning


Plumbing fixtures

Windows, doors and sidings


Foundation and walls

Safety equipment – fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc.

Home Maintenance Cost

Home maintenance cost, each year, for average homes range from 1% to 3% of the overall value of the house and still changes depending on the age of the house. As the age of the structure increases, so does the home maintenance cost.

Having a good idea on how much to budget for maintenance is important. Aside from scheduled cleaning, replacements and tune-ups; it is also important to leave an allowance for unexpected repairs. Unexpected repairs are inevitable and getting caught off-hand can get you into financial trouble.

How to Save on Home Maintenance Cost

As they all would say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and this is what home maintenance is all about. To avoid an overstated expense, creating a checklist and religiously sticking to it is important. This schedule should include weekly, monthly, bi-annual and yearly chores and tasks. Aside from lined-up tasks, make a regular evaluation of the property and house to know if any area is needing attention. The best way to save on home repair and maintenance cost is to avoid the aggravation of whatever damage.…

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Winter Home Maintenance Tips and Handyman Wisdom!

Winter home maintenance chores are not warm weather projects for me because I can’t seem to get into the right frame of mind to work when the temperature is in the 80’s. Winter preparedness projects should be done in cool weather, so you can feel just a hint of the conditions for which you’re preparing.
We’re expecting the first frost of the year tonight, so I guess I should bring in any surviving delicate plants that have somehow managed to live through a miserably hot summer. Everything else can wait until after tonight’s chill.
Clean up the yard. Disconnect the garden hose and store it in the garage, garden shed or under the floor. Concrete bird baths should be taken down and turned upside down so that water won’t pool and freeze, eroding the surface of the basin. Anything else that might be harmed by freezing weather should be stored someplace where they are protected.
Chairs and tables that are going to be left out in the winter weather should be covered. I wrap thick black plastic over my grills and lawn furniture and secure it with firewood chunks I have taken from my stack of wood that I bought for the fireplace.
Check for air leaks around windows and doors. If any caulking has become brittle and is pulling away from the frames of the openings, it’s best to dig that out and replace it with new material.
Threshold strips under doorways at my house usually need to be adjusted or replace. Cold air can really run up the utility bill if they’re not positioned correctly, to say nothing of the mice that slip through even the smallest crack.
Any pipes that are exposed to the elements should be insulated. Mine are clothed in foam insulation that can be purchased at just about any hardware store. If you have discovered anything else that should be protected from the cold, like a bare spot where the wind has blown the insulation aside near a louver or vent, then buy the appropriate kind of covering.
Check the chimney to make sure you won’t burn the house down when you light the first fire of the winter. Most of us don’t have the necessary wire brushes and pole extensions to clean a chimney and fireplace. I don’t feel comfortable about my ability to remove all the creosote and soot left in the chimney and firebox from last year’s fires with makeshift tools. If a chimney sweep is not in your telephone book, your hardware store should know one.
Get out your ladder. Fallen leaves which have compacted can dislodge even the tightest hung gutters and make it a hassle to put back in the spring. Even those with gutter covers somehow seem to eventually become clogged with trash. Clean those gutters before winter.
While you have the ladder out, raise it a few feet, climb up on your roof to see if you have any loose shingles or cracks in the valleys; especially the coverings around the bathroom and kitchen vents. These are places that always seem to give me trouble in the winter.
If you have trees close to the house, make sure limbs are cut far enough away from the structure to avoid damaging it when cold winds blow. It doesn’t take much of a wind to lift up a shingle or pull the nails out of a piece of vinyl siding.
There are many other things you can do to winterize your home on the inside. Just thinking about the work I have waiting for me on the outside makes me tired.…

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Home Maintenance, Check Hinges

Hinges can be very small part of your home but could alter overall look of furniture if not treated well. Most often we do not see this as a very important part of home maintenance. But the fact is we should take care of it not just to save money but for overall beatification of our homes.
Hinges can be quite annoying at times. Remember those creaking sounds from a horror movie? It may look and sound entertaining on screen but it can actually be irritating to hear in real situations. Creaking hinges could be a sound of a problem that has been lurking on your door or furniture.
The problem with this sound is the lack of proper lubrication. Proper lubrication promotes proper functioning. This in turn can deliver efficient, better and longer service life of your hinges. It may sound very small but hinges can destroy the original beauty of your furniture. Changing hinges can result to alterations to the original appearance, especially to those antiques.
Checking and maintaining hinges is actually simple and would not really require much time. Old furniture, doors and windows that are seldom used can be prone to these problems. One thing you can do is to check it every once a month or every other month. Often times, with changing weathers, hinges can accumulate dirt and turn to rust which can lead to malfunctions. Regular cleaning and lubrication can overcome these problems.
There are oils that can be used on this like those that are used on sewing machines. Even motor oils would do the job perfectly. Used oils from your car could even be applied over this and won’t pose much problem. The key here is to maximize lubrication and minimize accumulation of dirt. As when rust starts to build up, in time, it will give much friction on the hinges and in turn will result to part breakage.
Home maintenance should be done as a whole. A small part of your home, like hinges, is part of it. Keep it at optimum condition every time and you can be sure that it will last longer to withstand time.…

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Home Maintenance = More Money!

Maintenance = Money!!
In this disaster of an economy we are all looking for ways to not only save money, but also how to MAKE money. As homeowners, we are all Real Estate investors and should act accordingly in regard to maintaining that investment. Just as you would hope to have full faith and trust in how your board of directors maintains the company representing your shares, you should be giving the same attention deserved to your own personal investment. This attention will always pay off in the long run, proper maintenance of any and all investments is rule #1 for any investor, and as a home owner – that’s what you are!
How often do you see a homeowner whom rarely maintains their home out in the yard cleaning up and have the instant assumption – “they must be selling”. While an enigma to me, it’s a very common occurrence. Notwithstanding that the thought process is on par and intelligent from a home seller prospective; It is somewhat penny smart and dollar stupid. Not for the assumption that you won’t get your “rehab” costs back at closing, but simply for the overall fair market value that has been lowered due to the past neglection of beautification. (yes I made up “neglection”)
It’s the simple theory of “Sum of its parts”. It’s easy to picture a great home in a rotten neighborhood; the value of that home will differ significantly if it were simply sitting on a different lot in a neighborhood of maintained homes, correct? This added value is a non-controllable situation from a homeowner’s perspective; the only controlled factor is the homeowner’s own personal property.
Unfortunately we cannot push a homeowner to maintain their home, what we can do however is set an example. We can maintain our own homes to the best of our ability and hope that our neighbors will follow suit. A community with a higher percentage of maintained homes simply holds a stronger combined fair market value. This is why maintenance = money!! Whether we are selling now or in 30 years, the better we maintain our property, the higher our community’s fair market value will be, resulting in a higher average price per square foot when we are ready to sell!
If there is anything to love about Hurricane’s, for me it’s the way communities and neighbors come together in a time of great need. Neighbors helping neighbors is always a great American feeling. Keep that feeling alive all year long by maintaining your property, not just for you – but for your community! It’s a selfless way to MAKE MORE MONEY!!…

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DIY Home Maintenance Spring Checklist

Every year, at about this time, the television is swamped with adverts from home improvement retailers and brands selling and promoting all sorts of offers to encourage us to start spending our hard earned cash in their stores. There’s a real reason for this sudden upturn in home improvement awareness, the simple fact of the matter is, as home owners we’re more likely to undertake a DIY, home improvement or building project during a spring month than any other month in the year. I’m not sure whether it’s because we’ve been locked inside our houses for the last 4 months with limited daylight but it happens every year.
So if you’re a home owner what should be the things to do this week? Here’s a short list of essential home maintenance tasks you should consider this week to get your house ready for summer.
Window Check
Windows can suffer in cold temperatures especially wooden ones. It’s worth spending a few minutes checking the frames and mullions to signs of wear. If you see any holes or cracks it’s best to fill them now or the problem could get worse. Just clean out any hole with a chisel, then smooth out the area with sand paper before applying a wood filler. Once the filler is dry go over with sand paper, before applying a good quality exterior undercoat. When you consider the price of replacement window this could be a worthwhile exercise.
Gutter Check
Most gutters take a pounding during winter months, brackets become loose and cracks can appear. Check for any signs of wear. If you see any, you’ll need to replace any sections, down-pipe or brackets with new. This is an easy process but not for those who don’t like heights. Think safety first always get some help if you’re going up a ladder, having someone to secure the ladder at the bottom will give you the security you need. It’s also a good idea to keep both hands free so wear a tool belt.
Patio/ decking check
Another area that suffers from the cold weather is your patio and decked areas. If they’re in shade or partial shaded areas they may attract moss or lichen which can make your patio or decked areas slippery when wet. So it’s a good idea to remove any with a good quality pressure washer. This may affect any stain or treatment you have on your decked areas so be prepared to re treat after washing.…