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Tips to Replace a Bathroom Vanity

The minor bathroom remodel is a great way for updating the room as well as increase the value of your home. You can start your remodeling process by replacing the bathroom vanity. Once you have selected the new vanity and sink, you can simply follow some steps below that will guide you to replace your bathroom vanity.
The first step is to turn the water supply off to the sink and then disconnect the supply lines. After that, you should remove the p-trap that is the center part of the curved pipe.
The second step is to remove the countertop. In this step, you should loosen the caulk around the edges by using knife or screwdriver. After the seal is broken, then you should pull away the countertop and remove it. Also, you should need to loosen any caulk between the vanity and the wall so that the vanity can be pulled away from the wall.
The third step is to rock the vanity back gently and forth to loosen it further. Do not get carried away if you do not want to damage the wall by rocking too vigorously.
The fourth step is to remove any screws which are holding the vanity to the wall. The vanity must be free from the wall now. Then, you should pull it away and also remove it from the bathroom.
The next step is to carry the new vanity into the room. You can locate it in the place that you would like it to be. You have to measure and mark the area carefully before you actually attach the vanity to the wall. You can use a level to ensure that everything is even. After you have ensured that the positioning is right, you can screw the vanity into the wall. You need to try the screws into the wall studs for added stability. After that, you need to use caulk to attach countertop to the vanity.
The last step is to hook up the p-tap and then reconnect the water supply lines. Also, you have to turn the water back on and apply the strip of caulk around all of countertop edges.…