Top Reasons For Choosing Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl wood flooring is nothing but a combination of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. It is flexible and soft and is an excellent flooring material due to its high durability and low costs. It is available in large sheets or as tiles. Although these vinyl floors are extremely inexpensive, they are highly resilient and can handle a lot of wear and tear especially in areas where there is high foot traffic.
Vinyl flooring provides an excellent alternative to hardwood or laminate flooring. Vinyl planks are easy to lay and come in a range of colors and designs and there are many manufacturers out there in the market who can supply the required quality. There are many manufacturers such as Armstrong, Mannington Mills, Congoleum, Novalis, Johnsonite, Konecto, Tarkett, Metroflor and many others in the market.
It is important for you as a homeowner to choose the products for the flooring after careful consideration, depending on your requirements. There are many factors that must be considered before choosing the vinyl flooring, such as:
Durability – When it comes to durability, vinyl tops the list. It can maintain its beauty despite heavy foot traffic and is stain and moisture resistant, so spills can be cleaned quite effortlessly.
Design Flexibility – There are a myriad designs and shades that are available in vinyl sheet and tile flooring. Shapes can be custom made and laid out to form various patterns. You can get the classic looks or get the wood or ceramic finish.
Aesthetics – The vinyl flooring available these days give a great deal of attention to take care of the aesthetics and enhance the appearance of the interiors of your home and office. You can enhance the size of the room by using the right color combinations.
Healthcare applications – Vinyl floors are a popular option in the healthcare facilities as it is maintenance-free and impervious to water. With lesser seams, the bacteria will have fewer places to hide or grow.
Safety Features – There are a wide range of sheet and vinyl floors that come in slip-retardant surfaces.
Sports facilities – These vinyl flooring are an excellent option instead of a wood floor especially in gym areas or exercise rooms. It can handle high usage and can accept paint lines in indoor sports areas.
Although vinyl flooring is highly durable, it is not recommended in certain areas such as commercial kitchens. Vinyl composition tile is used commonly in the light duty kitchens. The vinyl sheets and tiles are normally used in residential kitchens. At times, vinyl flooring is prone to tears when sharp objects such as knives or cans are dropped on it. In addition to this, there may be permanent indents due to damage from rolling loads or static loads. Vinyl is recommended for automotive maintenance or automotive showroom area but it must be protected from oil spills as well as contact with rubber tires. Vinyl wood flooring is not recommended for any outdoor installation where it will be exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions. This may lead to fading or discoloration.