What to Look for in a Good Storage Company

Do you need to store your family’s possessions? Well, then, you need a storage facility that you know will take good care of your things. Other than finding storage everett wa that is large enough for your items, there are a few things to consider.

Check Prices

Just because you need things moved now, doesn’t mean you should toss them into the first unit that you find available. Call around and ask for the rates of storage units in your area. You may be paying for this storage unit for a long time. You want to know the price you are paying is a reasonable one.

Choose Good Customer Service

If the storage unit’s manager isn’t respectful to his customers, he definitely won’t respect your possessions. You never want to do business, of any kind, with someone who is unprofessional.

Visit the Units

The office and the units should be clean. Ask if they have a pest control service that comes regularly. You don’t want rodents in your valuables while you store them.

Does It Meet All Your Needs?

Do you have anything that could be damaged by extreme temperatures? You may want a climate-controlled unit. Ask if their facility has a security system to protect your valuables from theft or vandalism. Check to see if your insurance policy will cover your stored valuables. If not, ask about buying insurance from the storage facility, they may offer cheap insurance

Check Recommendations

Of course, you can always ask your friends and family about their experiences with local storage facilities. You should also check the online reviews too. They will give you an idea of what to check for, based on other people’s experiences.

Check the Gate and Office Hours

The gate hours are the hours that you can access your storage unit. The office hours are when you will be able to access office staff. If you have an issue, you will need to know when they are available to assist you.

Ask About Discounts

Most storage companies offer a sign on deal for the first month. It is always nice to save a little money. However, don’t pick a cheap alternative at the expense of your valuables.

What if You Miss a Payment

Find out what their payment policy is. You may not have the luxury of a grace period. You don’t want your unit’s contents to be auctioned off because you forgot to pay your bill.

Just like with anything else, you shouldn’t make hasty decisions. Do a little homework before you choose a storage unit for your possessions. You want a storage facility that you know will take good care of your valuables. Remember to consider all the other things you need in a storage facility, besides just finding one that is the right size for all your possessions. Get a good understanding of the commitment you are making before you sign a contract.